Paradise Beach, Campomarino, Taranto

Not many of my friends know this beach because it sits at the edges of Salento, at least in the way people from Lecce think of it. In reality, Campomarino, many years ago was part of the Lecce province before being transferred to Taranto and it’s a typical salentine place.

Paradise Beach is on a stretch of the Ionian coast that has remained relatively untouched and unspoiled at least compared to the neighbouring Porto Cesareo.

Aside from the tipical beauty of the sea on this side of Salento, Paradise is one of the best beach resorts because of the very welcoming feel and the good crowd you find there, made of the good youth of Taranto and their families, including some very yummy mummies. Many wealthy foreign tourists also tend to come back here every summer. The beach is vast and a bit isolated and if you walk its length on a less crowded day you may think you find yourself on a stretch of Brasilian beach.

The wooden veranda laid on more levels is perfect to taste the awesome dishes prepared by the chef Michele and if you are friend with the owner (I am), you can get the best table with ocean view. Bliss…

Since last year, Paradise Beach has become a full blown restaurant as well, also open in the evening. You can’t miss the pepata di cozze or the lobster tagliatelle, Michele’s specialty. Everything else, is also super tasty. Don’t drink too much wine or you’ll seriously think you arrived to paradise.

The staff is a great bunch of guys and girls, happy to help you out with anything you need but, during our last visit, Sinan and I fell in love with the shy Loredana (Lolla) and the explosive cuban Antia. What a girls!

And when you get there, make sure to say hi to Ester, the owner, who will welcome you with a big smile and a hug. Especially if you say you are my friend.


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