Gauchos in The Netherlands

You know I love meat, so here’s something I discovered for you, if like me, you can’t live your life without an argentinian steak.

Gauchos is a chain of Grill Restaurants in the Netherlands. There are 4 venues in Amsterdam, 3 in Rotterdam and 1 in Utrecht, Breda, The Hague, Maastricth and Eindhoven. Each location provides a unique experience with a slightly different atmosphere, but you can be sure to find consistently and abundantly good meat in all of them.

If you can read dutch find out more about each venue here at the group’s website

If like me you can’t, click on the individual links below for an english overview of each venue and for bookings:

Amsterdam Korte Leidsedwarsstraat
Amsterdam Damstraat
Amsterdam Spuistraat
Amsterdam Reguliersbreestraat
Rotterdam aan de Maas
Rotterdam aan de Plas
Rotterdam Centrum
Utrecht aan de Gracht
Maastricht aan het Vrijthof
Den Haag Oude Molstraat
Breda Grote Markt
Eindhoven Stationsplein

And, just in case you are in London and need your steak fix, click here


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